a blog for London jazz singers

Welcome to the first issue of SNJ. We are a group of singers who meet to sing Jazz the first Sunday in the month.   We aren’t professionals, but our instrumentalists are, and we are all dedicated to the practice and enjoyment of all kinds of modern jazz, from New Orleans Second Line through the Great American Songbook and into Vocalese, Scat, and Improvisational  song invention.

Our Group was founded by jazz singer Tina Learmonth and compère Dominic Laffy, and we meet at the Windsor Castle Pub on 98 Park Road, Marylebone, London NW1 4SH, 020 7723 9262. We are a subscriber-list jazz event, with 22 current subscribers, and an open-mic at the end of the second set with six slots open each time. We suggest you come early to sign up for the open-mic slots because they go fast.

Bring two copies of your charts with chords and melody in the right key for our pianist and bassist. We have the occasional guest instrumentalists,  so bring additional Eb and Bb charts.

Our blog exists to service our community of singers as well as to advertise gigs, workshops, and other events at which our singers and instrumentalists will be performing.

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